Author: Farshad Asl

Isn’t it time you exchanged excuses for excellence?

With the odds stacked against him and every reason not to succeed, author Farshad Asl—a man of conviction and determination—chose to press forward.

In a brand new country, with a thick foreign accent, Farshad achieved his goals and realized his dreams through utilizing the “No Excuses” mindset. This powerful process eradicates the doubts, fears, and inabilities that often sabotage success.

When you dive into this story you’ll discover there is no room for excuses in life, only opportunities. This paradigm shift will transform your success into significance and your valor into value.

Isn’t it time you were equipped, empowered, and encouraged to live a life of passion, purpose, and clarity?

What are you waiting for?

Farshad Asl

Farshad Asl has a burning passion—inspiring others to become the leader they were born to be. A man of faith, integrity, and love, Farshad is an Entrepreneur and a certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach, Teacher and Speaker. He also serves as the Regional Director at Bankers Life.

He and his wife Mina, live with their two daughters, Michelle and Rachelle, in California.

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