Our Additional Book Package is designed for AAE authors who have already published their first book with AAE and are familiar with our publication process.

We've found that some authors who are not finished with their signature AAE book want to move forward with publishing another manuscript (for example, a new edition of a previously self-published book). If you wish to publish an additional book before completing your main AAE book, please bear in mind that you must have access to the Igniter Track before purchasing this Additional Book Package. If you do not have access to the Igniter Track, you won't have the tools you need to follow our publication process. To find out more about Igniter Track access, please contact

Here is what we offer our AAE authors for each subsequent book:

  1. Up to 3 ISBN Numbers (for Softcover, Hardcover, ebook) (Value $375)
  2. Up to 2 UPC Barcodes (Value $50)
  3. Author Academy Elite branding. (Priceless)
  4. Author Academy Elite listed as your publisher. (Priceless)
  5. Library of Congress Control Number (This is 100% optional. As the author, you are responsible for sending a copy of your book to the LoC. We tell you how to do this.) (Priceless)
  6. An ISBNFT Author Package with the benefits listed at this link: (Value $124)
  7. Up to 2 coaching calls per week for your new book if you are still within your 12 month window.

(The AAE logos, the AAE imprint, the AAE author page/featured book benefit and you selling your book at our event are all contingent upon your book matching our brand. This will be determined upon a manuscript review of your finished book.)

($649 VALUE)

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IMPORTANT: When you purchase the Additional Book Package, we buy and register your ISBN numbers, but you will handle all the fees and process for interior design, cover design, etc. As an AAE alumnus, you now understand the Igniter Track process.

We do not offer a free editorial review of book proposals for additional books, but we encourage you to write a book proposal for your own marketing purposes. If you would like for our editorial team to review your additional book proposal and writing sample, you may purchase that service here. You can always ask for help on the scheduled coaching calls if you are within your coaching period.

If your 12 month window coaching sessions have expired and you desire additional group coaching you can purchase a 6-month extension (this is an additional $497 fee per 6-month extension). 

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