For many Author Academy Elite authors, the journey doesn’t stop at publishing our books. We have dreams of doing more, both to inspire our vision of our potential and to inspire the potential of others. 

Author April Tribe-Giauque dreamed of taking her story of survival and perseverance to another level by helping other abuse survivors tell their stories. Today, not only is she a soon-to-be twice-published author, but she also runs a successful ghostwriting business that allows her to further pursue her writing dreams. I sat down to have a talk with April this week about her book Pinpoints of Light: Escaping the Abyss of Abuse and how that launched her into her current success.

AAE: What brought you to Author Academy Elite?

I knew I needed to tell my story, my memoir, about surviving domestic violence, but I did not know how to even go about the publishing side of things. I researched for six months. I was so full of fear that I would be taken advantage of and that I would be scammed. I had it narrowed to two companies. 

My finger was shaking, and it hovered over the send button to my first company. I clicked it, and as soon as I did, I felt light leave me. I know that sounds crazy. But the instant I clicked it, I knew it was wrong. I called them and waited to get a live person and shared with them that I have made a mistake and to please cancel the transaction. They were very obliging and did just that.  I was so grateful that I knew without any doubt that the other company was not for me—but AAE was. I immediately signed up with Author Academy Elite, had my interview, and I have been taking action ever since. 

AAE: What did you experience during the coaching process with AAE?

Honestly, I felt, fear, shame, and that I was going to never make my questions clear, concise, or direct. I did all that I could do based on the growth I had at that time. I would listen to the calls and my negative voice—I call him the Shame Shadow©—Old Shamey would whisper things like, “Your story will never make it out of the computer.”  “It will die with you.” Or, “So you call yourself a writer? You are not worth this.” 

So, I reached out to [an AAE team member] and she saved my thoughts from spiraling out of control. She helped to slap me back to reality and to what I was amazing at. It was the best coaching I ever received. After that, I really kept showing up and asking, asking, asking all types of questions with the Igniter Track [AAE’s proprietary step-by-step publishing system]. I stuck with it and had my book in hand for the first conference.

AAE: What did you learn at Igniting Souls Conference 2018?

I learned so many things, but my biggest takeaway was that I needed to involve my husband in the business and that I truly was not alone in this journey. That “learn” saved our marriage and brought us closer together.

AAE: Then, what happened at ISC 2019?

Two amazing things: 1) My husband and I work well together, and I can help him grow his business, and 2) was a review from Skip Prichard. I handed him my book on Friday, and he sought me out on Sunday to tell me the impact it had on him. That confirmed deep within me what I already knew. “I am a writer!” One week later, my life changed forever. 

AAE: That is powerful! What happened? 

When I declared myself a ghostwriter, I had my first client in two hours. Two days later, I had my second client. One week after signing the contracts, I thought, I’d better find a way to become a certified ghostwriter.

AAE: In 20 seconds, why did you join Ghostwriter Academy?

I remember Kary Oberbrunner saying that the need for ghostwriters was growing, and the demand was high. I felt that this fit perfectly into my new business, and so Ghostwriter Academy was my next best step. 

AAE: What was a big takeaway you learned through Ghostwriter Academy? 

I learned what my value was as a ghostwriter. My gifts and skill are in demand. I capture my client’s voice and message in my head, sending it deep into my heart and out through my hands. That is my value. I empower the client to have the book they have always wanted or needed because of my skills. The words within that book can change the lives that read it.

AAE: Thank you for sharing with us your journey through AAE to becoming a ghostwriter. 

It has been my pleasure. Thank you for this opportunity to share a part of my journey with you.

You can contact April Tribe-Giauque through her website——or on Facebook—

April is a valued member of both Author Academy Elite and The Guild, AAE’s elite group of editors and ghostwriters. If you’ve worked with any of our editors or ghostwriters in the past, we’d love to hear about your experience! Comment below and share this post with your own tribe.


  • Thank you for the opportunity to share my Ghostwriting journey. If anyone out there is contemplating Ghostwriting Academy, I highly recommend it as a fantastic next best step. You will become certified, your message will be clarified, and your work with authors will make the impact that they desire. That is a three-way win. Show up shining and you will find the empowerment you are looking for. Thank you AAE and Ghostwriting Academy for changing my life, forever.

  • April is a supportive, and kind person with a wealth of knowledge and a generosity of spirit that is unparalleled.