Author: Adele T Cawley

In the year 2047, after decades of political and social unrest and another American civil war known globally as the American Apocalypse, the United States has ripped itself apart.

Skylar Grant is a lonely seventeen-year-old girl struggling to survive in the aftermath of the war. Her parents have suddenly disappeared without a trace, and she feels a restless desire to search for them. But she has little knowledge of the outside world and the dangers it holds. She is unaware of her unique gift as a weaver of energy, or that she is the key to holding back the growing supernatural forces leaking into the physical realm.

Then, one night, she comes face to face with a monster from a child’s nursery rhyme, a reaper who has been sent to collect her soul. With her death imminent and no hope of finding her parents, is the day she’s supposed to die actually the day she begins to live?

Adele T Cawley

Adele T Cawley resides on the northern end of the Arizona Strip and is the proud mom of six amazing kids, and wife to a very tolerant husband.

She enjoys a range of creative outlets such as music, drama, and art, and has performed in amateur theater since she was a teenager. She has voluntarily taught creative writing and art classes to junior high and high school students, as well as mentored other young writers.

In her spare time, she is an avid reader, colorist, photographer, and Netflix binge-junkie. She’d like to one day master the violin, become a great philosopher, and write at least one intelligent piece of literature she can contribute to the literary artists of the world—though not necessarily in that order.