Author: Amie L. Edades

Deliver her safely to preserve national security—how hard can that be?

Ever since joining the Army, Jeremy's missions were simple—safely deliver the packages to where they need to go. He and his squad were the best around with a perfect track record. Now, he must get an Air Force Sergeant to the embassy in Berlin. She has no idea how much danger she’s in. He must keep her safe, though he never thought it would be this hard. 

Jamie has been in the Air Force most of her adult life and has never been on a mission before. Now, she is being thrown headfirst on a top-secret mission to preserve national security. Luckily for her, she has this squad of Army guys to help along the way and keep her safe. What is she going to do with this handsome yet stubbornly, silent leader of theirs?

Will they be able to complete their mission? Will Jeremy’s secret attraction to Jamie sabotage the mission, or will love triumph over all?

Amie Edades

Amie Edades’ imagination was always an active part of her childhood. Whether she was putting on skits with her cousins for their family and friends or writing her first book in 5th grade as a project from her favorite teacher, Amie used her passion to grow and develop over the years. Amie honorably completed 20 years of military service in the United States Air Force, where she spent a good number of years guiding and mentoring the next generation of Airmen. Amie currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, with her loving husband and their three wonderful sons.