Author: Angela Dee

In 2000, Spencer McCombs regressed from an active, ornery six year old boy to an infant level in a matter of two weeks. His life would forever be changed by the effects of viral encephalitis. With too many unanswered questions, Spencer's family picked up the pieces and moved forward.

Voiceless is a true story about super heroes and battles, painful choices and relentless hope.

Within these pages you will feel a frightened mother’s frustrations, heartbreaks, and deepest fears. But you will also be inspired and encouraged to determinedly persevere in the face of life’s challenging obstacles. Most of all, you will hear The Voice of unconditional, never ending love-loud and clear.


Angela Dee

Angela Dee’s purpose is to encourage others who are facing life struggles to find healing. Her life motto is Be brave, Dream big. An author, speaker, and teacher she has dreamed of writing a book since childhood. A proud mother of three, her background in teaching and nursing care has helped with the many hats she wears.

Angela has recently entered the empty nest, which has allowed her to reignite her passions of creating jewelry, writing, and travel. Angela enjoys all the outdoor activities in her home state of Colorado where she has lived for 42 years.

Connect with Angela Dee @ angeladee.life