Author: Arlene Gale

Despite What You May Hear

It’s Not How You Finish That Matters,

It’s How You Start!

Too many people write books that never sell — or worse — damage their credibility. The key reason books don’t sell is authors don’t spend the time to develop a clear and complete foundational marketing plan beforehand. If this step is skipped there’s no road map to keep them out of the ditches and on track to completion, much less creating a sellable book. Veteran author Arlene Gale understands this pain all too well from horror stories she’s heard. As the solution, Arlene offers a proven process with action steps.

By reading the Book Business Blueprint, you’ll discover how to:

  • Break through writer’s block, fear, doubt, and reasons for not writing
  • Identify exact clients for maximum credibility and profitability
  • Set bite sized goals to start AND finish writing a book
  • Turn any topic into an interesting read for the right readers

Learn the Book Business Blueprint, which is the proven step-by-step system to start building credibility, stand out from the competition, and skyrocket sales by writing your book today!

Arlene Gale