Author: Brenda C. Poulos

Truth or Dare is a childhood game—or is it?

Simon Wilson is a bully. A Thief. An Accomplished liar.

But the biggest lie of all is not one he has told. It’s one he believes.

It’s the one that says he will never be good enough. He will never measure up. Never be worthy. He is at a crossroads.

Will Simon continue to be deceived by the lie? Or will he choose to believe the Truth?


Author: Brenda C. Poulos

Will Hayes is a nice guy. A good husband. A devoted father. He volunteers in his community. He’s never had so much as a parking ticket. But, counter to the plans he and his wife, Brigit, had made for their lives, things take a turn for the worse. One obstacle after another block their path to happiness.

When Will faces the biggest setback of his life, his daughter’s questions surrounding death prompt him to take a hard look at both his past and his future. Will he choose to continue on his path, with only himself to answer to, or will he choose to surrender his future to the one he turned his back on at his own father’s deathbed…when he’d prayed for healing that hadn’t come?


Author: Brenda C. Poulos

No mama. An abusive father. A hound dog for a best friend.

Ten-year-old Jake escapes from the remote Appalachian cabin, the only home he has ever known. His father hunts him down with the very rifle he used to kill Sam and Mama.

Led by unseen forces. Protected by his dog.

Will he find a new life - one filled with acceptance, love, and hope for the future?

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Brenda C. Poulos

Following the example of a mother who still loves books at age 91, Brenda taught herself to read as a preschooler. By age five, she was an avid reader of everything from Golden Books to the Classics.

Her love of writing was sparked by a creative writing teacher in elementary school. She served as editor of her high school newspaper and won a statewide writing contest. Later, as an elementary school teacher, she had opportunities to inspire and mentor other young writers.

Since retiring, Brenda C. Poulos has published four fiction books and two non-fiction interactive picture books for Alzheimer patients. Using her past experience as a teacher and elementary school counselor, along with her love for scripture, Brenda’s books have brought encouragement and hope to hundreds of readers worldwide.

Brenda and her husband, John, live in Mesa, Arizona. They have four adult children and seven grandchildren. Favorite pastimes include reading, volunteering, and traveling.

Brenda is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and is past president of Christian Writers of the West.

Brenda blogs on, focusing on “Seeing Life’s Events in the Light of God’s Word”; she offers encouragement to new writers on