Author: Brenda Lee Gold

This book is about how God, through His angels has helped me to achieve peace, happiness, fulfillment, success and security, making my dreams come true by having total faith in Him.

My spiritual journey of taking a risk and living my passion will show you how this relationship with God, trusting in Him, will prove that He has your back at all times. Also, it shows how God made me special, waking me up, to experience God’s goodness in my life.

My journey will be shown through my adventures of this small-town girl from Kentucky and her dramatic move to New York City, becoming a New York model at the ripe old age of 59 years old. This involves the angels that God sent me throughout this experience to see me through.

This book was written because I’d like to show people how to go after their passion and achieve their dreams in a spiritual way, trusting in God to take the wheel in their journey. I will share the 7 steps to guide people in their spiritual journey to achieve peace, happiness, fulfillment, success and security.

Brenda Lee Gold

Brenda has a communications/journalism degree from University of Kentucky, a mathematics and education degree from Northern Kentucky University, and a school counseling degree from Xavier University.

Brenda has two kids, Jenny and Matthew. Her daughter Jenny just got married to Parker Mynchenberg in Chicago!  Her occupations have included being a seamstress, aerobics instructor, a coach, math teacher, model, actress and now an author. She loves to spend time with friends and family, and playing corn hole, euchre, going to Broadway shows, walking the beach and the streets of New York, working out and living a healthy lifestyle.

She moved to New York City two years ago after selling her house and quitting her teaching job to follow her passions! The book shows her spiritual journey that led her to find her life purpose, which is to show others how to find peace, happiness, fulfillment, success and security. She will show you how to achieve this!