Author: Brooke Fyke

What if God calls us to be a Tightwad?

Finally, a book that makes money management fun, while helping you break free from debt and savings!

Call Me a Tightwad offers a lighthearted, honest approach to money management that will give you a little kick in the pants and encourage you to meet your financial goals. It weaves humor and spirituality with budgeting into a much-needed message of stewardship and contentment. In our can’t-get-enough culture, readers will find a refreshing perspective on the meaning of true wealth in the sweet spot.

These seven fundamental and practical habits will help you:

  • Identify your level of tightwadness
  • Achieve financial freedom and balance
  • Create healthy conversation that will help you build stronger relationships
  • Equip you to teach your kids how to start down the right path from the beginning
  • Prosper the way you were meant to for a fuller life closer to Him

Embrace your financial sweet spot starting today!

Brooke Fyke

Brooke Fyke is a personal finance junkie who's found a fuller life in the sweet spot. She’s the founder of the National Association of Tightwads and blogs at

Brooke lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband and two daughters.