Author: Cate Muegge

Lauren is a young troubled married college graduate, living in the Colorado Springs, CO area. The day she was born was the day her two-year-old sister tragically died. This precipitated a childhood filled with emotional abuse from her mother causing Lauren to blame herself for her sister’s death. Though now an adult, she struggles to overcome feelings of unworthiness and guilt.

Three seemingly unconnected events occurring during a Colorado blizzard in 2006 start Lauren on a quest for answers. Her father is murdered, her husband goes missing and an attempt is made on her life.

Unbeknownst to her, these three events lead her on a journey that unveils the web of deception surrounding her life. Will the truth free her, or crush her spirit?

Life is filled with choices that often times affect those closest to us. "The Deception Connection" portrays that consequences follow lustful choices, the devastating effects they can have, and the overcoming power of the human spirit.

Cate Muegge