Author: Cathy Sirett

How many presentations have you turned down? How many projects have you not started?

How many times have you felt unconfident, uncertain and unsure—and that has stopped you from succeeding in, or enjoying, your life?

Author and coach Cathy knows what it’s like to be unconfident: In her corporate life she turned down high visibility presentations and projects through lack of confidence; in her private life she missed opportunities to grow and thrive. The breaking point was when she found herself holding the lead rope of a horse, crying and shaking with fear—when her life’s passion had always been loving and riding horses!

In this book you will discover the 5 proven steps to building authentic confidence and examples of how people have successfully applied these steps to build the confidence they need to enjoy their lives. You will be able to:

  • Build your own Confidence Journey
  • Continuously expand your Confidence Zone
  • Bust the myths of confidence and avoid the common confidence traps
  • Learn the tips that will accelerate your journey

This book will show you how to build the confidence you need to enjoy your life—starting today.

Cathy Sirett