Author: Chris J. Schimel

When Chris Schimel said yes to God’s call to the ministry of saving souls, he never thought it would also mean saying yes to saving people’s lives from murder. When a late Saturday night phone call from one of his parishioners reveals a shocking announcement about the person’s family, Pastor Chris is thrust into a nine-day-long heart-stopping race to save their lives.

Each day of the ordeal unfolds new and frightening information about an ex-con who is harassing this family; and in spite of law enforcement’s involvement, the ordeal continues to escalate. Each day the anxiety level rises until a last minute life and death decision is made that seems to end the threat…and the family is saved. But then…

Based on Actual Events

Chris Schimel is an insightful and caring pastor and a seasoned author. His picturesque and real life approach combined with his remarkable storytelling ability; will leave you in both wonder and shock as you embark on his amazing, powerful, heart-pounding, and yet beautiful adventure called Murder in the Church.

In Murder in the Church you will encounter twelve profound life-lessons that will challenge and change you.

In two companion books to Murder in the Church (described in the back of the book) you will be exposed to . . .

~Nine behaviors that will warm cooling marriages, in “I Do, Do You?”

~Seven steps to emotional wholeness in, “Once Broken”.

Chris J. Schimel

Chris Schimel has a Master of Divinity degree and has been a pastor for more than four decades in churches from California to New York. He is the founder of Touch One Ministries and currently pastors a church in the Youngstown, Ohio area.

He and his wife Shirley have two grown sons, Jeff and Joel.