Are you stuck in the aftermath of life’s storm?

Climb out of pain to find peace.

Everyone experiences pain and loss—and it hits you like a storm. This book is a collection of practical strategies artfully woven together with storytelling of the pain of the journey and the humor of life. Told as a metaphor to climbing Mt. Everest, Summit will meet you in your current situation and set you up to reach your personal destination of peace and happiness. You will be guided to:

  • From where you are to where you want to be—you will map your destination and gather what you need.
  • Learn practical tips and strategies to tackle your mountain and hear from others on their trek. You are not alone.
  • The journey is hard, but not impossible.

Peace is yours.

If you are someone who has experienced a loss and would like to move forward in your recovery, this book is for you. Readers will feel the empathy of their own pain mirrored in the metaphor of the mountain climb but see the transformation of that pain into realistic milestones on the journey to peace. You can reach your Summit. Begin the journey today.

Cindy Paige

Cindy Paige, CSA, MBA. Senior Living Specialist. Elder loss counselor. Survivor of loss.  Years of experience working closely with older adults and their families started young.  Having been born to older parents, she spent her youth surrounded by the elderly and infirm.  At twelve, Cindy’s disabled father retired to fight life and illness.  Drawn to what she knew best, Cindy turned to work in a career with seniors and their families to help them navigate the journey of loss. Loss of health. Loss of independence. Loss of the role of parent.  Gradual loss from Alzheimer’s.

Cindy is passionate about senior living, dementia support, advocating for seniors and anything else that might assist others on a journey she has traveled herself. She is a Certified Senior Advisor, holds an MBA from Webster University, and is a speaker and coach.

Cindy’s website can be found at,  where she also writes a blog for adult children caring for aging parents.