Author: Dalia Franco

Are you ready to give up your quest on finding "the one?"

Or perhaps you are:

  • Frustrated with online dating
  • Exhausted from serial dating in search of someone better
  • Burned out from multiple dead end relationships
  • Disappointed from awkward blind dates
  • Ashamed of compromising your body to get what you want

Author Dalia Franco can relate. In One Proposal she candidly shares failed attempts to find the one and a glimpse into the arduous process of believing God for your spouse when even the possibility of marriage is looking more and more unlikely. She understands how it feels to pray for your mate without receiving a clear answer. Still, in spite of these unfulfilled desires Dalia has found a powerful process that has brought peace and joy.

This 60-day devotional will take you from frustration to fulfillment as you wait on the one to marry. You'll discover:

  • You don't have to settle because you think it's too late
  • You don't have to force a relationship
  • There's no rush in finding the one
  • How to remove the fear of being alone or staying single forever
  • How to trust God in this area of their life

Throughout this handbook of hope you'll gain a newfound perspective on this season of life, and as you study the Word you will go from hopeless to hopeful, from desperation to peace.

And one day, too, you will have your own love story to share.

Dalia Franco

Dalia is an author, speaker and teacher who helps single women discover that they can be fully dependent on God so that they can live with purpose, peace and integrity.

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