Author: David A. H. Brown and Dr. Debra L. Brown

Today’s board members need more tools not more rules! Governance Solutions: The Ultimate Guide to Competence and Confidence in the Boardroom is chock full of governance tools that make the complex seem simple and bring order to the chaos. This is not just a book “about governance”, it tells you how to “do governance”. Authors David A. H. Brown and Dr. Debra L. Brown deliver:

Proven Governance Solutions: It is a single source—the ultimate guide—for solving your governance problems.

Access: It includes almost 70 governance concepts and tools that are unique only to this book.

Competence and Confidence: It covers the broad spectrum of governance issues from governance structure and process, through boardroom leadership, culture and behaviour.

Answers! It tells you not only what works, but as importantly what does not work in governance.

This is the ultimate guide for board members and executives regardless of sector–private, public and not-for-profit. Whatever the jurisdiction in the world, this guide remains a highly relevant resource. Designed to build both competence and confidence, its principle-based approach allows any reader interested in governance to benefit from its solutions and tools.

Contact the authors:

David A. H. Brown and Dr. Debra L. Brown

Authors David A. H. Brown and Dr. Debra L. Brown each has 30 years of direct and practical experience working full-time with boards. Comfortable and confident with both boards and executives, their mix of well-researched, experiential and conceptual insights uniquely qualify them to advise organizations on their governance.

Both have served as CEOs, reporting to boards, and as board members of varied organizations, including as Board and Governance Committee Chairs. They can see governance issues from both sides of the boardroom table. They know what works and even more importantly, what does not!