Author: David Bain

As marketers, we’ve been traveling at breakneck speed over the past few years. More and more technologies and opportunities present themselves on a daily basis and it doesn’t seem possible to keep up. In fact, we shouldn’t be expected to keep up. What we need is a filtering system that just shares the best up-to-date advice and ensures that the rest of the noise doesn’t even reach us.

Welcome to Marketing Now, the book that shares the actionable marketing advice that you need to read today, with 134 of the world’s leading modern marketing minds. And without any of the noise.

David Bain

DAVID BAIN helps marketers to stay up-to-date with the latest tools, tactics and technologies through his books, podcasts and digital services, helping them to cut through the noise and focus on what shifts the needle.

A digital marketing pioneer, podcast host and producer, David started his first online business back in the year 2000 and his first podcast in 2006. Since then he’s worked with several global organizations including Google, Nespresso, PA Consulting and Farfetch, delivered dozens of digital marketing training sessions and hosted hundreds of podcasts, webinars and online summits.

David, his wife and son are based in London, UK. Find out more about David’s books, podcasts and digital services at: