Author: Dean Fulks

You're only thirty days away from a brand new perspective on life. The United States is a spiritual paradox. Eighty-nine percent of the population believes in God. Yet, only thirty-eight percent feel relationally close to God.

There's a Grand Canyon of difference between comprehension and connection. Spiritually, we are the most informed generation in history. Yet, we are also the least committed. What if you could turn the content you have about God into a connection with God? What if the God who created the universe is wanting and waiting to step into your life personally on a daily basis?

Dean Fulks has written Your Next Thirty Days just for you. With humorous, engaging stories, his practical teaching style leads you on a thirty-day journey to bring you closer to the One who made you. Whether you're far from God or you've prayed to Him this morning, prepare yourself for an exciting adventure.

What you discover will reshape the way you see your Creator, your core, and your community. Start your first day--today!

Dean Fulks

Dean Fulks is the Lead Pastor at Lifepoint Church on the north side of Columbus, Ohio. He leads his local congregation and works with SEND North America to make disciples and multiply churches in Mid-Ohio, the Midwest, and the world.

He and his wife, Angie, are the parents of three great kids:, Sydney, Dillon, and Sylvia. Connect at