Author: Debbie Bilek

You know you were created for more!

  • Are you overwhelmed, depressed, and full of anxiety?
  • Do you struggle with addictions or financial deficits?
  • Are your relationships in havoc?
  • Do you suffer from chronic illness?
  • Have you fallen prey to unhealthy patterns of self-doubt and unbelief?
  • Do you know deep within that there has to be more to this life?

Break the chains that keep you from reaching your full potential! You were designed to fulfill a destiny that only you can fulfill.

In this book the author reveals the strategies that took her from being suicidal, depressed, and chronically ill to living her dream. As you read you will:

  • Identify who you are
  • Learn how to contend for the impossible
  • Begin living the life you are destined to live

Implement these tried and tested Strategies from Heaven to experience total transformation in every area of your life.


Author: Debbie Bilek

Who is the Ekklesia?

  • Those who live with purpose
  • Believers who run with vision
  • Brothers and sisters in Christ who engage in strategy
  • People who move forward in victory, executing the Kingdom of God in their circle of influence; local, regional, national, and worldwide.

You are a unique piece of the puzzle and you are vital to the Body of Christ.

Speak to the mountains and advance in victory!

Author Debbie Bilek equips individuals, families, churches, ministries, schools, businesses, and governments to capture a heavenly perspective in living out God’s plans and purposes for their lives.

The Lord is wooing His church back to His heart. We are His bride. We are the Ekklesia! It’s time to unite, engage heavenly strategies, and be transformed from survivor status to victors who move mountains, pull down strongholds, shift atmospheres, and change destinies.

Implement these strategies and join the Ekklesia in occupying enemy territory in the mandate of bringing heaven to earth.

It’s time to arise!

Debbie Bilek

Debbie Bilek is a miracle in the making! She has been healed of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Sjögren’s syndrome, migraine headaches, and reflex sympathetic dystrophy. Her passion is to see people healed, delivered, and restored to their true identity.

She speaks the Word of God over lives with power and authority, imparting truth and transformation, fueling them to live out their unique purpose and God-given destiny.

Debbie has been married for 32 years to her college sweetheart and the love of her life, Bill. Together they have three grown children who are destined to be world-changers.