Author: Debbie Major

Lost Voice is for those who suffer with no identity, voice, purpose, or say, because of trauma or abuse. Our voice is a right bestowed upon us at birth, but painful events happen in life that silence it, and a feeling of worthlessness washes over us.

By reading Lost Voice, you will stop the pain and learn how to get to a safe place, live a positive self-image, define, describe, and differentiate your voice and discover love for you. Standing tall one voice at a time.

Debbie Major

Debbie Major is an author, coach, and speaker who helps people: find courage to stop the pain, love self, gain confidence to utilize one’s voice, and find clarity to fulfill their calling.

Debbie lives with her husband near Toronto, Ontario, and they are blessed with a daughter and son who are both remarkable and outstanding adult children. Connect at DebbieMajor.ca

Book: Lost Voice: Discovering Life after Trauma and Abuse