Author: Dr. Brandon Pardekooper

Leadership of the future is being developed today.

Millennials are bringing with them a major shift in leadership birthed from their unique worldview. The question is, who is ready to adapt to the shift?

The Millennial Leadership Model utilizes the roles necessary for success in this new millennium. This leadership model is for every influencer, regardless of their generation, who hopes to make a lasting impact.

On this journey, Dr. Pardekooper draws from his experience training and mentoring hundreds of Millennials showing

  • how to understand Millennials and lead them effectively
  • the keys to leading multi-generational organizations
  • ways to futureproof your career
  • the collaborative approach of leadership built for this new millennium

We are living in exciting times! Incredible opportunities are in front of us. The leaders who will make it all possible will be innovative, collaborative, and forward-thinking.

They will be Millennial Leaders.

Dr. Brandon Pardekooper

Dr. Brandon Pardekooper is the founder of Modern Inklings ( focused on developing leaders for the future.

He has spent over twenty years studying leadership dynamics and the effectiveness of a powerful leader in shaping the world. During that time, he has trained hundreds of Millennials to be successful in their integration to the modern workplace. He has inspired them to serve their global communities by reaching for possibilities only discovered in their imaginations.

Along with his years of experience, Dr. Pardekooper is equipped with degrees in Biblical Studies, Organizational Leadership, and Strategic Leadership Foresight.

He has served in several church ministry positions, has been a university professor, and was a director for a college leadership program. He is grounded by his Biblical foundation while being compelled by his belief in the power of a committed community of people to shape the world.

He has been married to his stunning wife, Carissa, since 2007 and has three wonderful boys: Aiden, Isaiah, and Emerson. They are always happy to tackle him, hug him, and be his superhero sidekicks.

As a family, the Pardekoopers love to travel, visit friends, and enjoy the opportunities that God presents to them.