Healed & Whole

Author: Dr. Siki Gwanya-Mdletye

Your well-being matters. Body, mind and soul.

Life in our human bodies is characterized by imperfection. We are imperfect beings living imperfect lives in imperfect bodies. Yet we serve a perfect God who desires that our body, mind and spirit should neither ail nor perish.

But being human we are prone to sickness, a fact that the author Dr Siki Gwanya-Mdletye knows too well. Yet sickness is not your portion. In her book, Healed and Whole - basic concepts, medical insights and Bible truth for your mending, she shares simple steps to help you overcome infirmity through the narration of stories gathered from her experiences.

You will:

  • Learn to identify and address the causes of your personal affliction
  • Gather and realign fragmented pieces of your life to restore wholeness
  • Understand the dynamics of faith for divine healing

Now is the time to abandon sickness and pursue healing for your body, mind and spirit.

Dr. Siki Gwanya-Mdletye

Dr. Siki Gwanya-Mdletye is a medical practitioner who has worked in the fields of occupational medicine and psychiatry.

She has helped individuals and organizations thrive through patient care, well-being coaching, wellness program design and implementation.

Siki is married to Lundi and they have two children, Sipho and Nele.