Author: Erica Marie Foster

You turned my mourning into dancing. Psalms 30:11

Within just a short time frame Erica, (a Pastor’s wife) became an abandoned mother of 5 young children, with no money or degree to fall back on. She had such an extreme, unbearable pain in her heart that she could hardly function. At times, she longed for someone or something to take the pain away.

She was at a crossroads, should she turn to drugs, alcohol, sex, bitterness or unforgiveness, just to numb the pain? Or should she turn to her creator, face her biggest fears, and embrace and feel her pain?

Only with God's help did she choose to turn to Jesus Christ. Miraculously, the more she cried out to God for help the more His pure, relentless love began to collide with her deepest human desperation, teaching her in the most beautiful, profound ways how to DANCE upon all her tragedies and sorrows and to victoriously live a fearless life of purity and freedom even after her rhythm of life was destroyed.

Throughout Erica’s courageous journey, she shares transparent and personal stories, woven with God’s Word to encourage her readers that they too, can DANCE upon all their pain and live a victorious life. Erica will make you laugh and sometimes cry but ultimately You Taught My Feet to Dance, will deeply inspire you to become a person wholly filled and flooded with God himself.


Erica Marie Foster

Erica has a passion to encourage women in all walks of life. Through her transparent writing, speaking, and coaching, she shares her love for Jesus, along with her personal stories, to help empower women to dance upon all their disappointment, so that they will live a victorious life.

Erica resides in Columbus, Ohio, and is a single mother to 5 beautiful children. In her free time she loves to write, sing, spend time with her family, play sports and be outside enjoying God’s creation.

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