Author: Eva Jo Sombathy

Eva Jo Sombathy’s Pigs in a Puddle is the first book in the series The Adventures of Twins. A silly and whimsical story about identical twin sisters.

The twins looked identical, only their parents could tell them apart. They love having adventures and playing with each other but their personalities where certainly not identical.

The pair encounter mishaps which they must work together to solve. Enduring and vibrantly illustrated the book is sure to become your favorite bedtime stories to read to children ages 4-8.


Author: Eva Jo Sombathy

There are two things about being a twinless twin in which I am absolutely positive about.

First, there is nothing more painful than witnessing someone suffer, especially when that someone holds half of your heart.

Second, she is always with me. Sometimes for the good, sometimes for the bad, but I always know she's always there. Twin bonds are forever, even after death.

When a book has touched my heart to the extent where I have to put it down for a few days, I know it's a good one.  The author affected me this way numerous times in her writing and after a while, I just let the tears flow, continuing to turn the pages until I had read it all.  Ms. Sombathy has totally captured the essence of twinship in this wonderful book. She also shows us how there is hope and healing after twin loss - you live with them in your heart guiding you through life's journey until you meet again.

- Dawn Barnett, twin to Daryl

Eva Jo Sombathy

Eva Jo Sombathy, twin to Neva Clark.

Eva is giving hope of healing by those affected by a complicated loss. Through her writings in her book A Me without We- A Collection of Stories and Resources on Twin Life, Twin Loss and Twinless Living, Eva shows others how to use courage, bravery and forgiveness to begin healing and to get busy living.