Author: Gill Scott

Make friends with frustration by disentangling your genius within.

Did you ever awake to realize you're frustrated or confused? Your desires tangled and choked? Could you use help finding specific fulfillment? You can find your true self, your “genius” within and start to live the life that was always intended.

Engaging with this book is both a brave and creative act. Prepare to be untangled. You'll be taken into the imaginary studio of your mind to meet, master and unravel the Seven Knots of Frustration. This is your seven-step guide to aligning desire with expression.

Author, coach and fellow creative, Gill Scott has laid a trail of hope for those who feel utterly constrained. With an imaginative style, she weaves philosophical comment and a fantasy treatment of historical and contemporary genius characters who were tangled.

Colorful in imagery, richly inspiring and entirely practical in her approach, Gill is gifted at guiding the frustrated creative. You'll soon discover the truth—you are a masterpiece waiting to be revealed. Unravel the Seven Knots of Frustration and Align Desire with Creative Expression.

Gill Scott

Gill Scott tackled her first book at the age of 7 after a terrifying ride at the local fairground!

A life-long journal writer from the age of 8 she honed a natural gravitation to writing throughout her schooling, career as a student, graduate nurse, hospice lecturer-practitioner and published academic. Creating learning and teaching materials and writing curriculum and Christian life teachings are rewarding aspects of her work. Gill came to understood that she must embrace and develop her unique perspective and voice. To capitalise on a wealth of captured reflections would be a generous service rather than a self-absorbed pursuit.

Her first published work Entangled Genius is a declaration and a platform from which all consequent artistic and business activity will flow. Her passion is to help others disentangle their genius and "get the real you from within".

Gill lives with her adult daughter and teenage son in the north of England. She writes, coaches and develops leadership through bespoke programmes and incorporated material as a founder member and John Maxwell Team speaker, coach and trainer, Your Secret Name certified trainer and The Deeper Path certified trainer. She is actively engaged with the local church and enjoys the wide variety of people within her circle of life.

Connect through www.disentanglinggenius.com