Author: Gin Noon-Spaulding

If jumping around on Halloween is wrong, Li-Li doesn’t want to be right!Li-Li is back! This time she is celebrating Halloween at her church’s annual community event, the Hallelujah party. All she wants to do is keep jumping on the jumpy, but her mommy says it is time to go because other kids want to jump, too. She wants to listen to her mommy, but jumping is fun and feels so right. She would love to explain to her mommy and daddy that, because of the sensory issues she has, jumping helps her to focus on something other than all the noises, people bumping into her, the bright lights, and those who may try to take a picture, hug, or kiss her. How will Li-Li communicate her sheer displeasure for everything except for the jumpy? Will Li-Li jump off the jumpy like her parents want her to or will she have a LI-LI LETDOWN? Find out in Jump-O-Ween!

Gin Noon-Spaulding

Gin Noon Spaulding is an author, teacher, speaker and mom who helps families and organizations gain understanding, learn tools of accommodation, and find true acceptance for children with sensory issues. By her doing so, the child, family, and organization can excel aside from their differences.