Author: Grace Habbershaw

If you don’t like your life, start changing your choices today!

Life is a progressive drama where choices and consequences shape us to be who we are. Hope often fades when the circumstances of our life are not what we expected them to be. But, if we choose to: Capture our thoughts, confront in truth and communicate in love, nothing is impossible!

This is my story of ‘one moment in time’ that changed my life forever! A journey of significant choices made while enduring struggle, loss and suffering, through twelve years of debilitating chronic sickness, emotional pain and wheelchair dependency, that caused momentary depths of despair and nearly took my life.

It is a journey from Pain to Peace, Guilt to Grace, Fear to Faith, Hurt to Hope and from Confusion to Clarity. Be Inspired to: ‘Hope’ for better things to come, making healthier choices and claiming victory in and through all things. Be ‘Encouraged’ to believe for the best that is yet to come, no matter what life holds. ‘Endure’ and embrace adversity with courage, to overcome!

This is a story of incredible Pain that was released in Power! Of Promises fulfilled that gave way to Freedom! Of Purpose discovered that will be lived out for eternity, as Grace has been ‘RELEASED TO ROAR!’

Grace Habbershaw

As an author, speaker, coach and mentor, Grace empowers people to know freedom in their true identity, encourages a change in their perspectives, fuels inspiration for breakthrough from their past, and motivates belief into endless possibilities for their future.

Equipped and trained through many life changing traumas/dramas and breakthroughs, Grace is passionate for Jesus and reaches out with truth, wisdom, sincerity and compassion, to help people change their lives forever.

If you don’t like your life…it’s time to start changing your choices today!

Grace lives in the UK, is the proud mother of three children, and has four beautiful grandchildren.