Author: Grace S. Grose

Jarl Henderson had a normal, active life until The Disaster. His family, save for his sister Aneera, was wiped out.

As the world moves inexorably toward the revealing of Satan’s messiah and the end of the age, Jarl – at Jesus’ request – is launched into the quantum realm to travel its pathways and retrieve items vital for Jesus’ followers still on earth.

During his travels he meets shapeshifters, angels, hybrids and demons and has to determine friend from foe. And he meets Tessa, the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. His final task is the most shocking – the retrieval of the Revelation 19 sword that Jesus will use at his return.

Will he recover this item necessary for the ending of the age at the risk of ultimate loss for himself and those he loves?

Grace S. Grose

Grace S. Grose lives in beautiful Northwestern British Columbia with her husband and four dogs (they’re like potato chips – one is never enough).

Of the many hats she wears including wife, world traveler, avid sci-fi fan and postal worker, the writer hat is one of the earliest she put on and one of the few she wears on a daily basis.