Author: Greg Gerber

Pornography is no longer a problem in the world; it is an epidemic trapping millions of men, women and children in a hopeless cycle of guilt, shame, anger, and defeat. It leaves a trail of broken marriages, sexualized children, lost jobs, and unfulfilled dreams in its wake.

Studies show nearly two-thirds of men, one in five women and one in three pastors regularly visit sexually explicit websites. It is estimated that at least one-quarter of employees use work computers to view pornography on company time.

Ten years ago, 90 percent of boys and 60 percent of girls were exposed to pornography before their 18th birthday. Today, children between the ages of 9 and 17 are among the world's largest producers of pornography thanks to technological advances in cell phones and webcams.

Pornocide: Why Lust is Killing Your Faith, Stealing Your Joy and Destroying Your Life is unique. It's a fictional tale of a man who is caught in his sin and, through a series of divine appointments, develops addiction-crushing, mountain-moving faith to finally enjoy complete freedom.

By resting in God's grace and tapping into important spiritual principles, you, too, can be free from the devastating consequences of lust and pornography. will show you how to:
Use effective weapons to wage war against a very powerful enemy seeking to ruin your life.

Plant seeds of faith which, over time, produce a rewarding harvest of self-respect and genuine relationships.

Tap into the healing power of a loving God who is cheering for your success at every turn.
Avoid the slippery slope of pornography that will take you places you don't want to go and from which it is very difficult to return.

Understand how your brain reacts to pornography by stimulating an unyielding desire for more--and what you can do to defeat the vicious cycle.

Respond appropriately to repeated failure until you're strong enough to simply walk away.

Pornocide is a captivating book you'll find hard to put down. However the strategies outlined in it will help you overcome not only lust and pornography, but any mountain in your life.

Don't allow yourself to remain trapped in bondage to a demanding and unforgiving master. Isn't it time you restored joy, peace, and a sense of purpose to your life?

Greg Gerber

A native of Wisconsin, Greg Gerber is a DODO (Dad of Daughters Only). He has three grown daughters and four granddaughters, which means he speaks fluent female. His first grandson arrived in June 2017.

He is an award-winning journalist who spent seventeen years covering the recreation vehicle (RV) industry by editing several magazines before venturing out on his own to create the industry’s first online daily publication, blog, and podcast.

For three years, he traveled across America full-time in a motorhome, visiting all forty-eight continental states and reporting on the industry. Hawaii is the only state he has yet to visit.

Today, he is an author of faith-based books, speaker and coach who splits his time between Texas and Wisconsin in order to be closer to his girls. He believes in the power of second chances and is passionate about helping others build habit-crushing, mountain-moving faith to defeat the Goliaths in their lives.

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