Author: H.C. Hewitt

World War One is in full swing and Abigail Hudson is doing her best to keep the home fires burning while her husband, Jacob, fights for King and Country. She tries to balance family life along with running The General Store in their village of Abbington Pickets.

Abigail, expecting their first child, is adjusting well to her new role until something unforeseen happens. With one family crisis after another, Abigail struggles to have the same faith in God that her husband has. Jacob always believes God will take care of everything, no matter what.

Writing to Jacob brings comfort to Abigail. His letters always lift her spirits. Even when Dr. Parker comes to the village, with his arrogant attitude and flirting ways that rub her the wrong way, Abigail writes to Jacob about it. As always, he has an answer for her troubles. Then his letters stop. What happened? Is he missing? Captured? Or worse?

Will Abigail be able to continue life without Jacob and be able to handle the financial burden that is bestowed upon her during a war that appears will never end? Will Abigail lean on God and have the faith Jacob has shown her? Read more about the struggles of prairie life in Saskatchewan, Canada amidst World War One.

H.C. Hewitt

H.C. Hewitt grew up on a farm in Southeastern Saskatchewan where she developed a deep appreciation for the rural prairie landscape and the people who live there. She has been passionate about reading and writing from an early age and always knew that she would someday write a historical romance.

Her grandmother’s extensive knowledge of Saskatchewan history and her grandfather’s collection of antiques sparked an enduring love of history, especially of the era in which her story unfolds. Her story’s setting in the series of Abbington Pickets was inspired by a historic park near where she grew up, founded in 1882 by an Englishman who set out to create a Victorian village in Canada.

H.C. Hewitt’s other passion is quilting. She owns and operates a quilt shop where she designs and makes quilt patterns. Her four children have grown up and moved away, giving her more time for writing and quilting. She also has three grandchildren and loves to spend time with them.

H. C. Hewitt lives in rural East-Central Alberta with her husband, dog, two cats, and nine miniature donkeys.