Author: Helen Izek

When their mother lures them back to their childhood home in Zambia for a special birthday celebration two sisters, Lori and Carla, are forced to confront each other and the dark shadows of a tragic past. Religion, politics, and an unexpected romance fuel the fiery tension, and the women are faced with the reality that sisterhood can be a choice. Will they ever find their road to reconciliation?

In a modern world that often dilutes the existence and relevance of the family unit, The Red Road Home will transport you to an enchanting farm and its people deep in the heart of Africa to rediscover the God-given purpose and strengths of family and the healing power of forgiveness.

Helen Izek

Born in Zambia, schooled in Zimbabwe and England, Helen Izek lived in South Africa for ten years, and in Israel since 1993.

The youngest sibling of five and a proud member of a large global family, Helen and her husband raised three wonderful children, now young adults, in their home on a kibbutz on the Mediterranean coast of Israel.