Author: Jack Brice Medlin II

For far too long, people who call themselves Christian have believed salvation to be one way or another based on what they have been told. Just as the constitution is being changed, so too is the Bible. Although we can't escape politics, we can read the Bible and determine right from wrong and learn how the role of grace is the best guide for happiness.

Jack Brice Medlin II

Jack Brice Medlin, II is an author, chef, designer, manager, and a lot of other job titles. He especially has worked for rescues, HOAs, and other companies in the past.  He is starting several new businesses and eventually hopes to build a place that includes an area where people can visit and see how others treat cancer.  He also is busy doing book signings and building a forum for truth seekers. He is passionate that people find God.  Jack, II, lives in Tennessee with his 4 cats.