Author: Janet Wolanin Alexander

Are you frustrated because your dream hasn’t come true? When you took action steps that didn’t work out, did you get stuck? Are you tempted to abandon your dream forever? Don’t! Another choice can lead you to ultimate happiness.

Author Janet Wolanin Alexander has been there and knows how you feel. In her memoir At Home on a Horse in the Woods she shares how alternate bouts of pursuit and denial became incredibly paralyzing. Finally, on the verge of abandoning her dream forever, a powerful moment of truth broke the pattern and set her free.

Although your dream may be different than hers, her memoir will show you:

  • why the desires of our heart are meant to be followed and not forgotten
  • how to turn frustration and stagnation into transformation
  • and that every dreamer need support in order to succeed

Get unstuck and back on your journey. Now is the time to start living your ultimate dream!

Janet Wolanin Alexander

Janet lives in Southern Indiana with her husband, Jim, and their cats and dogs. She boards Highlander at a stable adjacent to state property with extensive riding trails. (God’s sense of humor tickles her—the stable’s name is the Circle C, the copyright sign!)

Besides writing, Janet also braids horsehair jewelry to help horse lovers celebrate the special bonds they’ve developed with their equines. See