Author: Janine Lansing

Is joy meant to be permanent?

They make it sound easy, right? “Choose joy,” and life will go smoothly. But when trials come and life gets crazy, the joy seems to disappear.

Author, Janine Lansing knows exactly how that feels. She “chose” joy, but life quickly overwhelmed her and her joy vanished. Through studying God’s Word, she soon experienced, however, that joy found in Jesus can be permanent and unwavering.

In The Joy Filled Soul, Janine throws out the old script and teaches how to reclaim joy and keep it for life. She challenges you to confront the things that cause your joy to disappear and offers hope and encouragement for when joy seems lost.

For any woman who is overwhelmed, anxious, or struggling to forgive, this book offers practical tips to discover joy, peace, and contentment right now. Readers will:

  • Rediscover joy rooted in God’s Word
  • Mend holes that allow joy to leak out
  • Take action for true contentment

Never-ending, overflowing joy is possible. What are you waiting for? Begin the journey to a Joy Filled Soul today.


Janine is passionate about helping women fall deeper in love with Jesus and His Word. As an author, speaker, and faith coach, she comes alongside women and helps them embrace the abundant life Jesus promised. Janine lives near Los Angeles with her husband and four children.