Author: Jenna Barbosa

“I thought comfort food was supposed to comfort me!”

Do you obsess over food? Do you wish you could understand why? Do you have a

hard time sticking to a program that helps you lose weight, eat right, exercise, and

overall be a healthier and happier you? Did you lose the weight only to gain it back?

In a digital age with an endless flow of information, you may be attempting to answer why

you emotionally eat with how-to programs. If only knowing how to eat better and lose weight was all it took, you probably wouldn’t have picked up this book.

When food is used as an emotional coping mechanism, it holds a certain power over you.

Author Jenna Barbosa knows this frustrating struggle all too well. Through her journey of understanding why she has felt powerless under the pull of food, she invites you to join her in this journey of looking at the spiritual, mental, and physical components of the emotional eating cycle.

Inside this book:

    • Discover why you emotionally eat.
    • Destroy the hold shame has on you.
    • Delight in the freedom of enjoying food as fuel—which happens to taste amazing.

Jenna Barbosa’s mission is to inspire resilience and lead women to the heart of Jesus. Her vision is to take you on a journey through deeper exploration into what motivates your behaviors. Through her counseling, coaching, and speaking services, she leads you to walk in freedom from emotional eating.

Connect with Jenna at jennabarbosa.com

Jenna Barbosa

Jenna’s mission is to inspire resilience and lead others to the heart of Jesus. As an
author, counselor, coach, and speaker, her vision is to take you on a journey. This
journey is one of deeper exploration into what motivates your behaviors, helps you
recognize the purpose within you, and establishes goals to help you move forward. She
has a passion to see people walk in freedom specifically in the areas of overcoming
emotional eating and thriving in singleness!