Author: Jeremy Chamberlain

What if you could be mentally prepared for the next major financial, physical or spiritual difficulty that will strike in your life?

What if teenagers could be emotionally strengthened before the next mass school shooting, terrorist attack or cyber bullying incident?

How would you feel today if you knew you were ready and resilient enough to survive the hardest challenges of life, regardless of what they might be?

Authors Charles, Laraine and Jeremy Chamberlain believe there are “threads” that can become constants in our lives to pull us through difficulties. The great news is, we can develop and strengthen these “threads” before the turbulence hits.

Read on about specific threads to:
• Learn how to access greater joy today, even during your most challenging trials.
• Discover how to gain more abundance with less money.
• Feel confident and prepared to face hard situations that everyone will inevitably face

Jeremy Chamberlain

Jeremy has a business degree with an international emphasis. He is happily married and a stay-at-home dad of three children. His passion involves building passive income through his internet businesses, network marketing and real estate investments.