Author: Jessica L. Vera, Ph.D.


Are you bound by the chains of your past? Are you lost, unable to see your unique significance? Do you feel that everything negative is a result of your own doing, perhaps even something you deserve?

The truth is you don’t need a Ph.D. or years of psychotherapy to experience a breakthrough. You just need courage to regain the right focus and the resolve to take effective action.

Author Jessica Vera shows you how to:

  • Gain understanding that victims are made not born; even when choice was eliminated
  • Overcome limiting beliefs, emotions, and behavior that self-sabotage growth
  • Implement bold steps to transform your personal story
  • Reclaim your power position in all areas of your life
  • And much more

Rise Up is a call to action for all who—because of experiencing trauma—struggle to find their unique purpose. Through her transparent storytelling and transformational process outlined in Rise Up, Jessica shares how you can scale your trauma, strengthen your resolve, and summit to triumph.

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Dr. Jessica L. Vera

Dr. Jessica Vera is a resilientrelatable trauma-graduate, and renowned forensic expert in human sciences. Born a feminine entrepreneur, she has dedicated the last three decades to scholarly endeavors and collaborative work to positively influence tens of thousands of lives.  Through mastery of the messiness of childhood trauma, Dr. Vera learned firsthand of the gifts to riserebound, and reclaim a power position in her life. Dr. Vera just penned her debut book, Rise Up, that shares her 3-R Freedom Process to guide others through the battle of the ‘inner mind field’ to renew and transform oneself for sustainable success.

The truth

There is no progress without change, and no change occurs without progress.

Change your mind.  Change your life.