Author: Joan L. Turley

Sacred Work in Secular Places: Finding Joy in The Workplace – An Invitation to Partner with God in A Beautiful Broken World

We live in a world where the job dissatisfaction rate has reached epidemic proportions. In fact, one recent poll estimates that as many as 80% of employees hate their jobs. This is not good news and something is terribly wrong.  This alarming amount of unhappiness is seeping into the fabric of our lives and profoundly affecting our ability to experience joy.

Joan Turley, author of Sacred Work in Secular Places, gets this!  She spent years hating work. Caught in a vicious vortex of work-related depression, it just about cost her everything. Determined to break free and embrace a life worth living, Joan dug deep and hit the mother lode!  She discovered the secret to finding joy in the workplace and now, nothing makes her happier than helping others find their joy too.  If you’ve lost the joy in your work, let Joan show you how to build a culture of trust that overflows with joy and transforms the workplace.”

Her stories of discovering joy in the workplace, to falling in love with the people she rubbed shoulders with, to learning to lead with love and impacting the lives of those she served, will leave you with water in your eyes and hope in your heart that your best working days are still ahead.

Joan L. Turley

Joan Turley is an encourager with a capital E! She is all about developing and empowering people. While serving as the director of operations for a prestigious Houston day spa and salon, Joan sharpened her leadership skills, created strong and well-educated teams, and elevated her staff to the top of their game.

She has served as a guest lecturer for the University of Houston’s Spa Management program, and she is a certified John Maxwell "leadership and relationship “coach, speaker and trainer. Joan is a bold advocate for reversing the alarming job dissatisfaction rate within most companies.

She coaches, mentors, and consults with salons, businesses, and individuals on her signature leadership style: leading with love, and implementing programs that embolden others to cultivate their influence, increase their income and amplify their impact on the lives of others.

With a heart, full of compassion and a deep-seated belief that people are worth every ounce of energy to develop their potential, Joan is a motivational keynote speaker who speaks on creating and sustaining positive change within the workplace, as well as a message of hope and encouragement for women-led retreats and conferences.

She and her husband live in Nashville, TN, and are blessed with two children and one amazing grandchild.