Author: John Antonio

It’s a tiny word, but why can’t we say it?

Have you ever seen someone you wanted to meet but did not have the courage to speak up? Or maybe stayed in from a comedy show because you had no one to go out with?

Did you hope social media would bring you closer to people, only to find it actually hinders you from having a meaningful experience with the people around you?

It’s time to cross into the world of saying “Hi.”


Always Say Hi is a book about spontaneous encounters for introverts. Use your introvert gifts to become comfortably social and meet more people in all your usual—and unusual—places.

Author John Antonio will help you
·      Reprogram your mind to begin conquering shyness or fear of rejection
·      Adjust your daily routine to conquer stranger anxiety and stop fearing no
·      Build a lifestyle where you enjoy people more and reveal your hidden social genius

Proudly become the social shy person you want to be. New connections and a new lifestyle are just a few pages away.

John Antonio

John is an INFJ introvert, speaker, and adventurer. He has a master's degree in philosophy specialized in psychological anthropology and ethics.He has been featured on several networks including the At Home with Jim and Joy show and the Call Me Catholic show on EWTN radio. He is also a regular speaker for Theology on Tap. Through his work, he partners with introverts around the world who want to use their natural gifts to build their own social adventures.