Author: John H. Bingham

In our lives, our careers, and in our relationships unwanted, unwelcome, unprepared for change is eventually forced upon all of us.

What do we do?

How do we proceed?

How do we minimize the damage and recover what’s been lost?

How do we transform a massive blow into a giant boost, emerging better off than we were before?

Starting Over, Starting Late or Both will guide you through what’s first, what’s second and each step thereafter turning life changing challenges into real victories?

John H. Bingham

John Bingham is an American ghostwriter with more than 30 years of writing, editing, business, marketing, sales, and leadership experience.

John has worked in executive writing and leadership positions for some of America’s largest, most successful companies. As a ghostwriter, he has worked with the nation’s top business, executive, leadership and political leaders, helping them to realize their goal of writing a book.

Additionally, he has coached dozens of America’s top business owners, leaders and executives to write their own books, helping them to tell their stories, in their own words, from their perspective, and in the proper context.