Author: Jon Peters

When dreams collapse . . .

Jon Peters had it all: record-breaking high school baseball pitcher, on the cover of Sports Illustrated, a beautiful girlfriend.

He was going to play professional baseball. He was going to have everything he'd ever wanted.

Until a shoulder injury and four surgeries changed his life.

With dreams shattered, Jon struggled to find value and happiness. After years searching vainly to make sense of it all, alcohol, a suicide attempt, deep-seated anger, and a failed marriage made him feel even more desperate.

When new dreams come . . .

In the worst place of his life, he reached out and found help and hope. Trading in his old dreams for beautiful new ones birthed out of the ashes of his past, he’s at last found value, fulfillment, and purpose.

Now in When Life Grabs You by the Baseballs, Jon shares the secrets he’s learned to living a happy life. His message is universal: no matter what dreams you've lost or what demons you’re battling, you too can find hope, redemption, and joy.

Jon Peters

Jon Peters is a father, friend, coach, author, and speaker. The national record holder for the most consecutive wins by a high school pitcher, he was the first high school baseball player to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated.

His passion to serve and help others is displayed through his energetic, positive, and contagious personality. He resides in the Houston area, and when not traveling and speaking, he is often found hanging out with his kids. JonPeters.org.