Author: Joy Ghosh

Learn The Alchemy Of Your UniqueImpactAbility In Four Lessons

Have you in your moments of solitude and reflection looked at a product or service and wondered, “I wish I knew how to invent that – I would have become rich and famous”? Or perhaps, “I had thought about that idea years ago ! I should have invented that”.

Well, you are not alone. We are born with the natural gift of creativity and innovative thinking. This makes us the dominant species in the planet. Why then, do we succumb to the domination of challenges in life? Why do we have these amazing ideas that can make a massive impact lives and yet shy away from claiming our right to wealth and fame?

Our natural creativity has been trapped in our own perceived captivity of disbelief and misconceptions. In four lessons, this book in helps you discover and recognize the alchemy of your UniqueImpactAbility - Your Unique Ability To Make Massive Unique Impact. You will learn

  • How to free yourself from baseless misconceptions that have been circulated on purpose to discourage your creative ideas from commercialization.
  • How to perform market research on an idea first before investing any time, money or energy on an invention.
  • How to find simple solutions to solve complex problems that create massive impact on people’s lives.
  • How to choose between three possible roadmaps available for you to commercialize your invention.

If it is not you, Who?

If it is not NOW, When?

If it is still not you, Why, oh Why?



Author: Joy Ghosh

Invent And Grow Rich And Famous At The Same Time

Turning Inventors And Non-Inventors Into Needle Movers Of Human Progress

Have you in your adult life, looked at the mirror and thought, "Ah, I wonder if by now I could have come further ahead in my life with more wealth and perhaps some fame to claim!"

Well, you’re not alone. In this tactical and strategic guide to inventing, you will discover your UniqueImpactAbility – Your Unique Ability To Create Massive Unique Impact through your creativity and problem-solving prowess. The author shares 30 years of his experience in innovation, technology, invention and enterprise consulting in this book. You will learn

  • How you can leverage your creativity and problem-solving abilities to invent high value products, regardless of your age, background or education. Be rewarded with wealth and fame.
  • How you can invent simple products and services that solve complex problems, adding tangible value to people’s lives, consequently making extraordinary impact.
  • How to conserve your time, money and energy in only inventing products and services that have high commercial value.
  • How to protect your intellectual property from thieves and copycats without expensive patents.

Our world needs your creative ideas and innovative thoughts now more than ever before to solve our complex problems. What if you could invent value-adding products and services and grow rich and famous at the same time? Your Creativity is in Your Captivity. Is NOW the time when Your UNIQUEIMPACTABILITY can set it free, so you can move the needle of progress for human civilization?


If it's not you, Who?

If it's not now, When?

If it's still not you, Why???

Joy Ghosh

Joy Ghosh has created the easy button for creative thinkers to convert their intangible creative thoughts into high-value tangible things that make an impact in people's lives and brings them wealth and fame!!.

If you really need to make more money from creative inventions, make an impact to a large customer base to become rich and famous, by monetizing creative thoughts and ideas with new inventions and innovative products, then Joy can definitely help you.

Most of what you need to monetize your creativity with high impact inventions, is focused instruction, guided mentoring and encouragement from someone who has "been there, done that and continues to do that!". Through his books in the UniqueImpactAbility™ series and the coaching programs for creative thinkers and independent inventors at his private Pioneer Inventors Academy, Joy can help you transform your creative thoughts to invent simple solutions to solve seemingly complex problems and make extraordinary impact for your target customers. When you invent such high impact products and services, that move the needle in people’s lives, the consequence will be wealth and fame flooding into your life.

With an academic background on engineering and technology, and a successful 30-year career as a business and technology solution innovation consultant, product development architect and global solutions program manager, having served multi-national clients in four continents, here’s Joy with all the passion of his mission to share the equity of his knowledge with you. Joy is an active inventor himself with inventions on the clean energy transportation niche that are now trade secrets. He teaches what he applies in practice while inventing products that create massive impact.

On the lighter side, Joy loves traveling to explore nature and experience different cultures and local cuisine. He is also a second-degree black belt at Tang Soo Do, with world championships wins to tell tales to his grandchildren one day. Joy is a certified hypnotherapist and an avid practitioner of self-development. He has authored several Amazon non-fiction bestsellers “Oh My Genetics Of Divinity” and "The Seven Symbiotic Collaborations Of Spiritual Cashflow".

Joy evidently has amassed a lot of applied knowledge over the course of his career on business, creative thinking, problem solving, innovations and inventions and welcomes creative thinkers of all backgrounds to enter the exciting world of inventions so that they can discover their own UniqueImpactAbility to Invent And Grow Rich And Famous At The Same Time.