Author: Joyce J. Ritchie

Is God Big Enough to Handle Our Anger, Doubts, and Fears?

What happens when we get gut-wrenchingly honest with God about our anger, our doubts, and our fears?

Joyce Ritchie was living a wonderful life with a great family and a thriving career. Her life began to crumble around her as she found her marriage in a precarious position. Seeking counseling, she soon found herself battling flashbacks, body memories that were complete with the dry heaves, and a spiritual battle she was ill prepared for when she began to realize her childhood was not what she had always assumed.

Joyce takes the reader deep into her journey of battling a chronic illness and recovering memories of childhood sexual abuse. Her story is powerful, personal, and vulnerable. She opens her journals and her counseling sessions, allowing us to experience the pain, anger, shame, loneliness and feelings of guilt…but also to share in the victories, the spiritual lessons, the freedom, and the ultimate deep relationship she gained with Jesus along the way.

  • Discover how trials DO have a higher purpose in our lives
  • Learn about the long-term effects of sexual abuse, but also that healing IS possible!
  • Understand how wrestling with God over your doubts and anger CAN actually lead to a deeper faith.

Joyce J. Ritchie

Joyce Ritchie lives in the country with her husband, two dogs, and an empty nest. Her life perfectly demonstrates that we never know where God will take us. After years of studying for a medical career, she never dreamed she would find herself retired at such an early age.

A private and introspective person by nature, she is even more astonished to have penned such an open and vulnerable memoir. She enjoys daily learning more about Jesus and about what walking with Him entails.

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