Authors: Judge Tommy Webb, Brooke R. Webb-Gennusa, Rosie J. Williams

Join us for this remarkable journey of resilience, persistence, and survival, as a young, trauma-impacted boy dares to leave the only home he's ever known.

In Soo Park, born during the Korean War, faced hardships and trials that far surpass the capability of most small children to endure. Born to an alcoholic prostitute, not welcome in his hut of a home, spending nights in trash dumpsters, eating garbage to satisfy the hunger pains in his belly, forced him to finally run away from the crippling chaos.

This is a story of hope rising up from squalor, acts of kindness from a multitude of individuals positively impacting the life of a child, and the echoing presence of mercy and grace that allowed a child to find a safe place in this suffering world.

This is an adventure of dedication, where a boy transformed into a man, and now uses his experience to advocate and speak out for those who have no voice.

Watch as a child climbs out of the trash, accesses his inner wisdom, and embraces the idea of value. Share with him the dream of every person being treated like a treasure and feeling valued while valuing others.

You too can make a difference!

Judge Tommy Webb

Tommy B. Webb was born in Korea in 1952, was adopted and moved to the United States in 1959. He served in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1970-1974. He retired as a Kansas District Magistrate Judge, with the distinction of being the first Asian Judge for the state of Kansas.

He earned a Master of Science in Family Therapy Clinical from Friends University, Wichita, Kansas. He speaks throughout the United States sharing his inspirational message. Tommy and his wife, Judy, have two adult children and seven grandchildren.

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Brooke R. Webb-Gennusa

Brooke R. Webb-Gennusa, LSCSW, resides in Topeka, Kansas with her husband and children.

She became a Licensed Specialist Clinical Social Worker, after receiving her Masters in Social Work from Washburn University.

As a practicing clinician, she provides trauma informed therapy services for individuals wanting to positively improve their lives.

Brooke enjoys a holistic approach to personal health, describes her work as rewarding and inspiring, and encourages others to access their inner wisdom and to be well.

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Rosie J. Williams

Rosie J. Williams is a published author, ghost writer and speaker. She helps individuals discover their true purpose, helping them find meaning and application of Christian faith in everyday life.

Professional Accomplishments:

  • State program director and grant writer
  • Owner and President of an Eldercare Case Management Company
  • Author of Repurposed Faith: Breathing New Life into Your Quiet Time

Wife of Steve, a Vietnam veteran. The Williams’ are active in a military ministry called Pointman and she is the state Homefront Coordinator.

She has contributed to Faith Deployed Again, Military Wives New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs Devotional Bible and Military Families Bible. Her stories have appeared in Stories of Faith and Courage from the Home Front.