Author: Kaye M. Carter

Have you settled for being less than you were designed to be?

Every day covert opposition is working to sabotage the story of our lives—and it’s worked quite well. Countless captives are unaware of invisible chains hindering their true potential. Even people of faith remain trapped by spiritual and emotional chaos because they've not taken a journey into their own heart. Rather than thriving in a life of vitality, they’ve settled for going through the motions of their status quo.

Set Free To Thrive leads your soul on a powerful journey to personal freedom and clarity, through a call for authenticity in the way you view yourself, God, and others. With compelling candor, author Kaye Carter shares her own journey through religious confusion, personal heartache, and internal awakening to deliver ten truths to escape the captivity of your heart and mind.

Be set free by discovering:

  • The power of the lies you’ve believed
  • The potential of your story
  • The perspective of your true identity and purpose
  • The payoff for choosing life beyond the ordinary

It’s time for inner healing and freedom. Are you ready?

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Kaye M. Carter

Kaye M. Carter is a change agent and advocate—for inner healing and healthy souls. As an empowering speaker, author, and coach she has a passion to help people escape the bondage of self-limiting thought patterns and processes to create lives that thrive.

She is the founder of Exceeding Life, a company dedicated to providing substance for the soul. With experience as a registered nurse, process improvement expert, and leadership consultant, Kaye inspires and equips clients and audiences who desire renewed vision, vitality and victory.

She and her husband, Greg, are blessed to live in near their four children and five spunky granddaughters.