Author: Kevin Hover

Much of the Christian experience in America has been reduced to a one-time confession of faith in Christ, followed by a lifetime pursuit of sinning less and serving God all in the hope that life will turn out okay. But is this what the Christian experience is all about?

This watered-down approach to Christianity has created a multitude of American Pharisees who have never truly integrated their spiritual lives into their daily lives, leaving them wondering if the Christian faith possesses any real value in today’s world.

Author Kevin Hover used to be an American Pharisee until he broke free from these misguided beliefs. But freedom always comes with a price, and the price is usually paid in the form of suffering. In the midst of his suffering, Kevin discovered that pursuing Christ is far more rewarding and fulfilling than pursuing the American Dream of happiness, comfort, and success.

American Pharisee will help you:

  • Learn how to grow spiritually in the midst of suffering
  • Revitalize a desire to pursue God
  • Develop a more intimate relationship with Christ
  • Take adventurous steps of faith that lead to an abundant spirit-filled life

Kevin Hover

Author and Christian Life Coach, Kevin Hover, describes himself as “an ordinary man who has lived an extraordinary life.” He grew up in rural northwest Ohio and is a proud graduate of The Ohio State University.

Prior to becoming an author, Kevin spent over twenty years in the corporate world where he served as Senior Vice President at Citigroup. His career as an internal business consultant allowed him to use his leadership skills to encourage others and guide them through the change management process.

Kevin’s desire for writing began later in life when he began journaling on a regular basis. As he developed his writing skills and reflected on his faith journey, he began to sense a need to share his story with others within the Christian community who might be experiencing the same kinds of challenges and struggles of integrating faith into daily life. His faith, career, and life-altering events have helped him discover his true passion—helping others experience God in their day-to-day living.

He lives in Columbus, Ohio with his wife, Carrie, and three daughters: Meredith, Chloe, and Sarah.