Author: Kim Gowdy

Does breaking free mean letting go? Sometimes one question shifts your entire life.  Author Kim Gowdy confronted a question she couldn't shake from her soul:

"Can one person change and make a difference if everything around her stays the same?"

Locked in a painful Cycle of Hurt, she felt trapped by pain, negative emotions, and lies. Breaking free sounded hopeful, but was it even possible?

Through a unique journey, Kim discovered that freedom is a divine promise available to each one of us. Freedom Fighters and Truth Tellers invites readers to take a transformational journey.

Discover greater levels of clarity and deeper levels of calling.  Experience greater impact on the world outside by first breaking free from the hurts inside.

Isn't it time you discovered how to trade your mess in for a masterpiece instead?

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Kim Gowdy

Kim is a Freedom Fighter and Truth Teller who helps the defeated, discouraged and distracted walk in a new found freedom to become all they were created to be. In Kim’s own life she reached a point where she was tired, burdened and overwhelmed. In seeking out change, she was given perspective on how cycles of pain, hurt and the lies she believed about herself played out in her life. Kim is incredibly thankful for her journey to wholeness and the opportunity to share her freedom story.

She is a Founding Partner, Certified Coach and Speaker for the Deeper Path, Your Secret Name, and Dream Job Teams. Kim is married and blessed with two beautiful children.

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