Author: Ladey Adey

Is your heart frozen with fear? Life has a way of creating disappointment, disillusionment and discouragement. Left unchecked, these stresses can freeze out your potential and sideline you spiritually.

But reversing these effects is possible.

God knocks on the door of your heart, inviting you to step into His warming light. By melting your hurts and heartache He promises true healing.

In her breakthrough book UNFROZEN, author, trainer, speaker and passionpreneur Ladey Adey shows you how to:

  • make friends with the fear of your past and move forward into your future with confidence.
  • integrate God’s plans with your own dreams to achieve your potential.
  • discover your Unique Spirit-filled Personality (USP).
  • and much more.

By sharing her own journey and weaving metaphors, Ladey reveals how to make sense of life. UNFROZEN opens the door and gives you the tools to move through adversity and accept the person God created you to be.

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Ladey Adey

Ladey is usually an upbeat kind of person who enjoys being with people and likes to maximise life’s joys and learning.  However, circumstances conspired against her when her dream job turned into a living nightmare.  She froze, getting stuck inside life’s 3Ds: Disappointment, Disillusionment and Discouragement.  God opened His door to show her the way through.  Now, in her unintimidated style she has turned her life around and wants to help others who get frozen out of life by the devastating 3Ds.

Inspiration came from watching Disney’s Frozen and realising that betrayal, fear and searching are part of many people’s journey through life.   Ladey is a natural teacher by DNA—it runs in the family.  She draws from her own journey and stories of her nearest and dearest, friends who over the years have overcome their 3Ds in surprising ways with help from the Holy Spirit.

Ladey lives in Lincolnshire, UK.  To learn more about Ladey, visit ladeyadey.com