Author: Lana Leigh Wilkens

Is your busy life stealing your peace? Or maybe it's something else...
We all want to pursue our most important values...but who has time when there’s another deadline, meeting, or emergency to deal with? How can we navigate life without yelling, hurrying our loved ones, and endlessly repeating ourselves? Lana almost lost her way in an attempt to follow the crowd into the knee-jerk abyss until she discovered a powerful mindset shift that helped her discover:

- The difference between busyness and the knee-jerk lifestyle
- How to creatively get your family on the same page
- How to live differently, and with confidence
- How to navigate the noise of culture through effective questions

Worrying what others think, fearing the future, and regretting the past drags us down. It doesn’t have to be this way. Experience the freedom that comes from saying “NO!” to being a knee-jerk mom. Get started today!

Lana Leigh Wilkens

Lana writes and speaks, challenging parents to avoid group-think so they can connect with their kids, free themselves from the knee-jerk lifestyle, & train their children for life's adventures. She currently lives with her over-the-national-average-sized family in San Diego, California. Knee-Jerk Mom is her first book. Connect with her at