Author: Lisa Rae Morris

Iris Jacobs wants to be taken seriously.

She’s a newly minted college grad, ready to take on the world of historical research. What she finds instead is high rent and a job posting on a tacky flyer. Soon, she’s blowing bubbles while leading songs she doesn’t know, and calling BINGO games while breaking up fights for elderly dementia patients in a nursing home. She’s immersed in a world where you can’t believe a word anyone says.

Except one man. There’s something different about him. Psychiatrists have declared him incompetent because, although he appears to be in his eighties, he claims to be a twenty-four year old master craftsman from Scotland. Strangest of all, his story checks out… about a hundred years too early.

If Iris chooses to believe him, their unlikely alliance will test everything she believes about faith, love, friendship, and most of all, herself. Her quest to bring about his freedom will shake the very foundations of Time itself… and could cost her everything.


Author: Lisa Rae Morris

Wifeology: A Field Guide to the Wife In Her Natural Habitat

Is the man who truly understands his wife a mythical being, like Bigfoot?

When God commands husbands to know and love their wives, is He asking the impossible? Absolutely not! Any guy can become the world’s leading expert on the beautiful lady he married. He just needs to be a wifeologist!

Husbanding well is a weighty task, full of spiritual opposition and daunting obstacles. It’s easy to get discouraged, especially since wives are complicated creatures. Want help from someone who speaks the language? Author Lisa Rae Morris is your tour guide.

Inside Wifeology, you will discover:

  • The biblical call to wifeology
  • Practical principles of the female mind
  • Steps for studying her through listening, observation, and purposeful conversation
  • What sex means to her, and how to be an expert at conversational foreplay
  • The inside scoop on her cycles… monthly and otherwise!
  • How to show compassion to a sick, hurting, or sinful wife
  • Questions for group study
  • Actions that will bless and impress her today
  • Learn to ask the right questions, remember the right details, and steal her heart.

Warning: Serious wifeology can lead to transformed marriages and suspicion that husbands have developed mind reading capabilities. Complications may include better sex, increased communication, improved spiritual leadership, and bragging wives.

Lisa Rae Morris

Lisa Rae Morris is passionate about the Word of God and loves to cheer for Christian marriages, especially for hard working husbands. Growing up, she was often called a tomboy, and had the quirk of having mostly guy friends until after she married her favorite one in 2001.

Having guys ask her for advice about girls was a regular occurrence all through high school and college, but it gave her insight into the frustrations and miscommunications that men face when trying to understand the women they care about. She gets frustrated at the way men are often negatively portrayed in the media as clueless about women, because she knows that each one of them is a potential expert!

Lisa is a writer of both fiction and nonfiction, a creative crafter, serial hobbyist, and coffee connoisseur in the Pacific Northwest. She and her airline pilot husband homeschool their beautiful kids, have housefuls of people over for dinner, and sing loudly in the car. They love to go on walks and weekly dates together.